About Imenco Bauer Hydraulics

Imenco Bauer Hydraulics, previously Bauer Nilsen was established in 1925 for the production of central pressure lubricators. Expansion led to the design and production of high pressure hydraulics.

Today, with more than 50 years of experience in hydraulic design and manufacturing, Imenco Bauer Hydraulics produces an extensive range of high-pressure hydraulic equipment for the shipbuilding sector as well as for offshore and land-based industry.

Imenco Bauer Hydraulics deliver hydraulic products and services to leading OEM manufacturere and system suppliers, mainly within the oil and gas sector and marine industries, and increasingly to land based heavy industries.

Our offerings
Our main products today are large hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic motors.

The cylinders are mainly used in offshore oil- and gas industries, where they are uses in heave compensation systems, large cranes, walkways, A-frames and systems for pipe handling.

The motors are delivered in sizes (displacement) from 1.0 l/rev to 32.6 l/rev, with resulting torques exceeding 130.000 Nm.

In addition to these stand-alone product deliveries, we provide complete hydraulic systems to customers who requires a complete system delivery. To meet this requirement, we have developed our own standardized control system and power packs.