A pioneer in the development of marine hydraulics

Bauer-Nilsen was established in 1925 for the production of central pressure lubricators. Expansion led to the design and production of high pressure hydraulics.

Today, with more than 50 years of experience in hydraulic design and manufacturing, Imenco Bauer Hydraulics produces an extensive range of high-pressure hydraulic equipment for the shipbuilding sector as well as for offshore and land-based industry.

Since the 1920s our products have always been recognized for their high quality and excellent performance. 80 years later we can proudly state that nothing has changed – we make no compromise on quality or performance.

Imenco Bauer Hydraulics designs, manufactures and markets hydraulic high pressure radial piston motors with corresponding valves. The production started in the early 60s, when the first hydraulic motor was developed for the operation of hatch covers on ships. At the same time motors for fishing boats followed. With time other segments have aroused, like ground-based and offshore industry.

The Imenco Bauer Hydraulics product line of hydraulic motors includes various standard motor sizes ranging from 1.0 litre/rev to 32,6 litres/rev, with turning moments up to 135 kNm.

Bauer motor programme consists of five motor series, HML, HMB, HMJ, HMH and HMK. All motors are of radial piston type with heavy roller bearings on shaft and eccentric. Internal friction is very low and starting torque high.

The large diameter shafts and the heavy roller bearings make the motors well suited for working with external radial loads on a free shaft end.

We produce different valves for control of speed and free-wheeling on hydraulic motors. This valves offer very smooth changing from high torque/low speed to low torque/high speed, and to free-wheeling position.