Imenco Bauer Hydraulics

Imenco Bauer Hydraulics is a pioneer in the development of hydraulics for the marine market.

Decades of  design and manufacturing of high pressure hydraulics (motors and cylinders) has given us a high level of knowledge and experience in this field.

Our facilities are located at Karmøy (Norway) and Ningbo (China)

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Experience and specialised technical knowledge - High pressure hydraulics

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Cylinders and Accumulators
Imenco Bauer Hydraulics has for more than 50 years been a well recognized supplier of hydraulic cylinders for demanding operations on ships and other marine / offshore applications.

Our offerings include a wide range of cylinders with stroke up to 10 meters and diameter up to 550 mm.
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Hydraulic Motors
Imenco Bauer Hydraulics product range include several ranges of hydraulic motors varyingf from 1.0 l/rev to 32.6 l/rev, with torque up to 135 kNm.
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Maintenance and overhaul
We offer maintenance services and overhaul of hydraulic equipment. Please contact our service department to discuss your requirements
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After Sales and spare parts
We provide apare parts for all our motors and cylinders. The parts we don't have in store we can manufacture.
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Machining services
Through the manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders, we have developed a specialized competance and machine pool for machining of long cylindrical items. This machine pool and competence is ideal for machining of down hole equipment for the oil and gas industry. Please contact our sales department to discuss your machining requirem...
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