Hydraulic Cylinders

Double-acting, single-acting or telescopic cylinders with strokes up to 10,000mm and diameters up to 550mm are delivered in accordance with our customers’ and the different classification societies requirements.

Many different cylinder designs are available, with features such as spherical eye ends, trunnion or flange mountings, internal mechanical locking and jigger-winches.

Piston rods can be delivered with different materials and an optional layer thickness (typical 80 my) of chromium or nickel-chromium plating. Adjustable or welded end eyes on request. Cushioning on request.

End eyes are delivered with either spherical bronze or composite bearings.
With 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing hydraulic cylinders, Imenco Bauer Hydraulics has a unique background in tailor making cylinders to individual customer requirements. Our lengthy experience and high degree of flexibility in finding new technical solutions expressed by our skilled staff, is one of our company’s most important advantages.

In order to satisfy our customers’ needs, we have remained at the forefront of technical improvements. Worth mentioning in this connection is the extensive testing performed prior to the introduction of the composite bearings. Based on these tests, which were performed down to minus 40 degrees C, our company together with the bearing producer discovered important requirements on the design and manufacturing of composite bearings on hydraulic cylinders.

Even though at first glance a hydraulic cylinder may be regarded as a rather simple construction, there are many technical aspects that must be given special attention. A highly important and often underestimated design criterion for hydraulic cylinders is the design against buckling. In this connection, our company together with DNV has developed new rules for buckling of hydraulic cylinders. With our new advanced buckling calculations, we are now able to accurately estimate the axial capacity of the hydraulic cylinder. As a result, safety is improved and design is optimized.

Typical applications for our hydraulic cylinders are ship cranes, operation of hatches/ramps on ships, A-frames, bow and turret loading systems, thrusters and gang-ways. For off-shore applications, we have delivered active heave-compensation hydraulic cylinders for heavy lift 1000 tm knuckle-jib cranes. Each compensation system comprises an active heave compensation cylinder connected to a supporting system of huge accumulators, also made by Brødr. Bauer-Nilsen AS.

Our hydraulic cylinders are always of a rugged, well-proven and reliable design. We make no compromise on quality or performance.